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Why have recruitment videos for your student athlete?

I have covered every possible sport from fencing to football and each sport is unique in their own way. The one common variable is that everyone wants to be recognized and everyone wants to win. All the athlete’s participating want to move onto the next level, college, club, pro, etc.

Newspaper clippings, press releases and athletic bios are all nice, but what will really show who you are and what you can do in the athletic arena is video. A coach wants to see what you can do when the competition gets heated, how do you perform when the game is on the line or when you are behind in a contest. The pressure, the conditions and your opponent are all testing you to see if you have what is needed when the game is on the line.

Coaches in all sports probably agree with the phrase “The films never lie”. In this case we all know that this is the video age and this so very true. The #1 reason for capturing an athlete on video is to impress the person you are trying to sell your talents to. They do not only want to see what you do when you are in the center of the action, with the ball or the puck. They want to know what you do to defend your positioning and attention when the action is away from you. They want to see a well rounded team person who is about the team, not just the stats and attention.

A college recruiting highlight video is a must for aspiring student athletes looking to take it to the next level. Three games and a one on one training session were covered leading to an edited version that will be shown to college coaches and recruiters. Using selected clips, photos, stats and player introduction, we put together a short and to the point video to show the recruiter/coach the skills of a high school lacrosse player.

Now that I have you ready to run through a wall let’s talk about some of the equipment and positioning to cover an event. A high definition camera has superior quality. A wide screen picture allows a wider view when they are away from the action. A good, solid tripod/monopod is important for the steady shot, especially when zooming into action across the field, court or arena. External camera mics to get sound from action, wireless lavs to mic a coach and wireless transmitters for an audio board are also helpful options to get the best quality sound for your event.

For the most part, the natural light at an event is usually enough for a good video. For interviews and pre/post game activities, an on camera light is available for proper lighting.

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For further information about video for your special, unique sports event or the athlete in your life, feel free to contact us.