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aboutjohn1The genesis of NJ Best Video, (formerly known as R and J Wedding Video) started back in 1985 when I and my best friend Richie were communications students at William Paterson College, studying television, radio, and film production. Back then, the equipment consisted of the larger “tube” cameras which hooked up to a portable recording deck.

The format was 3/4 inch videotape, and film was slowly being taken over by this “new” technology. Students were permitted to sign on the weekends for special projects. At the time during my “extended” senior year, a friend who I had grown up with had a sister who was getting married. So we came up with this great idea (it was back then!) of videotaping Joe and Natalie’s wedding. The rest is history – NJ Video was born!

After graduation, my roommate, Richie who is now a successful manager with IBM, came up with an even better idea. We would start a small business videotaping people’s weddings.

This great idea would help pay off all the student loans we had accumulated over the 4+ years we had spent enjoying ourselves in college. So we both invested 700 dollars and bought a video camera, and we started taping friends’ and family members’ parties and weddings. The business grew, since many of our friends were in the marriage stage of life.

In 1990 my partner and friend Richie decided to concentrate on earning his Masters degree in business, so I took over our company. Since then, I have successfully created over one thousand wedding videos for brides and grooms throughout the Metropolitan area. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge by attending specialized seminars and workshops for wedding videographers. These keep me up to date with today’s technology and various styles of documenting the wedding day. I currently belong to four organizations for professional videographers.

In 2010, due to the expansion of the company’s services and demand for much more than weddings to be professionally captured, I changed the name to NJ Best Video. I want to thank all of my wonderful clients over the years who have made what started out as a simple idea to help a friend, into a career of joy and happiness.

If you would like a free, no pressure consultation on creating the perfect wedding video, please contact me at your convenience. I promise to give you the same effort in making your day perfect as I know YOU have put into planning your most important day.

John Kernochan, Owner