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New Jersey Cedar Stars club soccer player showcasing for college scholarship for Division 1 college.

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Thousands of high school athletes from all over the United States have the same goal. They want to attend and compete in their sport at the collegiate level. While ability and talent are important, often you need help yourself stand out. One of our specialties at NJ Best Video is working with athletes who want to showcase their talent to make a lasting impression on prospective college coaches.

We provide New Jersey girls and boys basketball recruiting videos for college scholarships and coaches review as well as 2017 wrestling recruiting videos leading to the state championships.

Video­tap­ing Sports

sports_video_servicesWe can professionally record your games and deliver full game DVD’s to parents and coaches. These films can be used to assist the coach with practices, used for clips to create a highlight video for an athlete looking to earn a scholarship, or just as a memento of the season. We shoot games all over New Jersey. Please contact us to reserve your game dates with as much advance notice as possible.

Sports High­light Videos

We can create an exciting highlight video from your own recorded material, or we can professionally record your sports events. These can be all video, all pictures taken at the event, or a combination of both.

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