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Sports Recruiting Videos

Everyone knows the costs associated with higher education these days is outrageous. The value of a college scholarship is well worth the time and effort to make sure the visibility of talented youth is obvious and showcased. However, not only the visibility of the athlete themselves, but the actual talents and skill set is highlighted and emphasized correctly. This brings the videography and expertise of the videographer to a high level of importance.

Recruiting for college can take on a life of its own and it is a process. Your student athlete’s introduction video for a college scout can make or break their chances on getting a scholarship. Here are some basic guidelines to follow to maximize your efforts and minimize the expense for effective high school sports recruiting videography.

  • Keep the video simple. Do not use fancy animation, effects, titles, music, etc.
  • Meat BEFORE potatoes! Put the best footage up front. Make sure the best highlights show up first. The decision maker may not want to look through the entire presentation. You may love watching your childs videos over and over, but the recruiter has hundreds if not thousands of kids to sort through. Don’t assume the entire video will be watched.
  • Show different angles that replicate the situations that they will be challenged with when they compete.
  • How do the perform when they are losing big, winning big, or in a close game? In other words, clutch players are valuable and pressure moments are big in sports.
  • A brief introduction with them speaking using a wireless lavaliere microphone is always a plus.

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