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Q: Do I know who my videographer is?

A: Yes, more than likely it will be the owner of the company. In some cases if your date is already booked you will know ahead of time that your job will be covered by another experienced professional.

Q: Do you travel with backup equipment in case of emergency?

A: Yes, we travel with extra cameras and accessories to complete the job.

Q: Can I design a package that will suit my needs and budget?

A: We encourage you to discuss what your budget is so we can design a video package that will be most effective for you.

Q: Can I have my event videotaped as “raw footage” with the option for further post production in the future?

A: Yes

Q: Do you do highlight and full game videos for sporting events?

A: There is no better way to catch an eye of a scout or coach using video. They want to know what you are doing on the field, court or rink when the action is near and away from you. Whether you want an edited piece for your college admission or a quick turn around production to see what you or your opponent will do the next game.

Q: What format do you shoot in?

A: Your production can be shot in SD or HD format depending on what type of equipment you have. Conversion from VHS, SVHS to DVD is also possible.

Q: What type of sporting events do you have experience covering?

A: Football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, fencing, swimming, wrestling, equestrian.

Q: Do you do indoor winter sports for college recruiting?

A: Yes, NJ Best Video has over 25 years experience capturing winter sports action on for all sports on all levels.

Q: Are corporate events, holiday parties and seminars part of your services?

A: Meetings, depositions, hire for multi camera productions, musical performances, concerts.

Q: Cheer Competition coverage?

A: NJ Best Video has been a part of the Statewide Cheer and Dance Competition.