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Theatre and Entertainment Videography

NJ Best Video provides videography services designed to showcase school and student theater. From curtain calls and closing of the show to interviews and audience reactions, we make sure to capture motivational words delivered by the directors and special behind the scenes moments in addition to full recordings of the stage performances.

Typically, when recording a school play, musical theatre performance, or live band it will be covered by one or two cameras and will be edited with full titles and music with backstage footage capturing the pre performance preparation.

Both cameras are Panasonic HD cameras with a capable zoom feature that will get a good shot of the actors on stage even if we are shooting far away in a balcony or camera nest. We arrive approx 60-90 minutes to get the best camera and microphone placement and thoroughly test all equipment well before the show starts.

Donovan Catholic High School presented Sound of Music April 2019. Relive the cast and crew member’s experience as they prepare to put on a stellar performance in Toms River, New Jersey. NJ Best Video was there to capture the entire performance.

Stage lighting and coloring can be tricky at times with all the spotlights and gels that are used and it is important to test and adjust to record the best possible footage. It is also crucial that we get a direct audio feed from the house audio board to get clear perfect sound without distortion. This enables us to capture the sound track and actor’s voices on stage which will be mixed in post production with an alternate mic that will capture the natural sound such as applause from the audience.

Having access backstage before the actual performance allows the viewer to see what goes on before the talent gets on stage including preparation, the emotion, voice warm up, makeup and props. All these elements are an integral parts of what the audience does not see live on stage.