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Christening is a wonderful and most memorable experience for the family, especially the parents and grandparents of the child. Christenings and Baptisms are very special and memorable occasions for Christians. Many would agree, a child’s christening is not just the first official step in the child’s spiritual life. But it is also a very meaningful day for the parents and the family as a whole. And it offers a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. There are so many details from big to small to be considered.

The professionals at NJ Best Video are available for filming your child”s Christening anywhere in the New Jersey area. We understand how precious such family occasions are and we pride ourselves on creating something that you will treasure forever. We offer a very natural style of filming which is ideally suited to both the formal and celebratory aspects of your Christening.

Every film project we undertake is carefully planned with our clients beforehand so we are sure we are familiar with the most important elements and key guests. On the day our videographers work in a very discreet observational way so that you can relax and completely enjoy the occasion. We love to create films that make our clients happy and reflect the wonderful character of your event.

True Craftsmanship

Capturing very young children is certainly more difficult than you may assume, and it’s important that you entrust the task of recording your baby’s christening to a professional who has done this on several occasions. Hiring the wrong person for the job could leave you with a recording that merely shows who was in attendance without really capturing the spirit of the day.

Our familiarity with many churches and venues around the New Jersey area means that we can plan the best interior shots and recommend suitable outdoor locations for more informal christening videography.

Although your child will naturally be the main focus of our attention, we will also take time to capture the details, expressions and emotions that make the occasion so special.

We usually meet up with families an hour before the service. Where possible, we use parks or gardens near the church as a backdrop, to give a mix of indoor and outdoor shots for your christening. We find that babies and toddlers are typically more relaxed and ready to smile before the service than after it when they can feel tired and overwhelmed. With the priest’s permission, we use the time before guests enter the church to capture the fine details over which you have taken care, like the candles and baby’s baptism outfit. We move discretely around guests as they arrive, taking candid shots of family and friends greeting each other and catching up.

Keep The Moment Forever

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with a few family members and close friends, or a grand affair with neighbors, colleagues and extended family in attendance, we can provide you with a stunning reel to memorialize this occasion.

Your baby’s christening is something you’ll want to record as closely and vividly as possible. In their first few months of life, babies go through a striking series of changes. Within a year, you’ll barely even recognize them as that newborn bundle of joy. But with a high-resolution video from this special day, it will never be difficult to conjure up the magic of those earliest days with your new family member.

We’re Here To Help Capture Your Christening

When you commission NJ Best Video be assured that you have made a wise decision. We will deliver a video to treasure for more than a lifetime. Contact us now for a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and tailor a package to suit your needs. Find out how NJ Best Video can achieve the quality video you’re hoping to capture.