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Multiple Audio Sources That Will Enhance Special Events

Sound and Site, in our case sound and video for your special event, let’s talk your wedding and social event. Why so important? One enhances the other, without one the other will not meet it’s potential. When most of us see a finished production we can decide what is natural sound, speaking or music from a previous recording, sound track, cd, and of course sound bites from the speaker.

Capture-Wedding-AudioLet’s start with our event coverage. We have natural sound, captured by our on camera, shotgun microphone. The wireless, lavalier mic that we use on our groom for when the bride and groom say their vows. It is important that the sensitivity is set so the ‘lav” will also pick up the bride’s voice, the priest’s and also anyone of importance in the general area that may be a greater distance than where the camera is.

Wedding-MCReception audio. We still have our shotgun mic which will catch all of our sound: music, talking, everything that you will hear if you were at an event. Our hand held mic, similar to what you see on tv news. This is most effective for interviewing cooperating guests at a social event. Not every client requests this but we travel with one on every job. Audio for the reception using a feed from the band or DJ is most effective especially when the camera is further away with our back turned away from the source of audio. For example if we are shooting on the other side of the dance floor facing the action but with our back to the audio source, there will be a dramatic change in audio. Using the wireless feed keeps the audio at the same level, nice and clear and still enabling you to hear both the music, singer, MC all mixed together on one audio track. As noted before we still have our “Nat” sound recording everything on our camera/shotgun mic.

Audio for Sporting Events:

Our shotgun microphone is mounted on our camera and sensitive enough to capture all the sounds you would hear at a sporting event. The ‘lav” can be used on a coach to record his voice and also get us closer to the action, since he is usually just that. The wireless feed can plug into a PA/ announcers audio board to enhance the audio levels of an event. Our hand held mic is available when there are any interview style requests that are popular for an edited package or testimonial.

Remember good audio + good video = a superior final product