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Why Convert your SVHS/VHS footage to DVD?


As video became popular in the 80’s, Betamax then VHS and SVHS shortly followed as the norm for home entertainment outside television. Top loading VCRS followed by front loading machines. 2 Recording heads were replaced by 4, skip frame was replace by want to be slow motion and super slow motion. The units were big, heavy and took up a lot of space. The magnetic particles which held the data would stay crisp for a while. Every time you made a copy the duplicate would lose the crispness through the transfer. These copies would also lose their quality as time went on and the magnetic particles which held the video signal deteriorated. Eventually this medium and their machines became obsolete and replace by DVD

I have hundreds of the VHS and SVHS format tapes. Most of weddings and sporting events from as far back as the 1980’s. The best way to stop the quality deterioration is to transfer it to a format (in this case digital video/dvd). You can store more footage on a dvd, gain easier access when searching and looking for specific footage on a dvd. Most of all DVDS are much smaller, and thinner than the thick tapes which means much less storage space to be taken up.

For a small fee your memories and history will be saved to a medium that you will be able to view for generations to come.