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How Do You Approach Capturing My Wedding Day?

Punctuality, Preparedness and Intent:

To us, on time means an hour before the scheduled event. Weather, traffic and circumstances beyond our control can play a role in throwing off the schedule that you spend endless hours to preparing for. I always check weather, traffic and anything that may hinder me getting to your affair at least an hour before the scheduled start time.

I travel with at least 2 of everything I’ll need to all events. All equipment is checked and tested the day before in case any repairs need to be made. All equipment is locked and loaded, ready to shoot. Expect a call shortly before your event to confirm all the details so there is nothing left to chance or that might be missed. If there is a location or venue that I am not familiar with, I research it extensively and fully familiarize myself.

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life. You invested time, money, thought and planning so that the day will meet your expectations. I know you expect the same in return when hiring someone to capture and create a memory that you will be able to show family, friends and colleagues. I understand that and hold myself accountable to delivering what you expect and more.